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Veritas Et Fortitudo has made a number of changes to the vanilla papacy system to allow the AI to be more competitive in attempting to attain the Papacy

Papal Influence

Papal influence is gained based on your Catholic provinces and is spent through the Papacy interface on:

  • Having cardinals appointed
  • Increasing your College Influence (if you have a cardinal)
  • A number of available short-term bonuses

Every catholic province you own generates Papal Influence based on the following each month:

  • development * 0.003 in Italy
  • development * 0.0027 in France
  • development * 0.0025 elsewhere

This potential influence gain is further modified by your relations with the Papal State:

  • -25% of the gain for every negative opinion increment of 50 (E.G. If the Papal State's opinion of you is -100 you will only receive 50% of your normal influence each month)
  • +10% of the gain for every positive opinion increment of 50 (E.G. If the Papal State's opinion of you is 100 you will receive 120% of your normal influence each month)

College Influence

College influence is purchased with Papal Influence and is shown in the Papacy window; college influence is only gained by purchase, by active cardinals, or certain events. Only nations with at least one cardinal may gain college influence and a nation that loses its last cardinal will lose it's accumulated influence. The influence is reset with each Papal election. The papal controller is determined by the election, wherein up to five candidates with the most INFLUENCE (not cardinals) will compete for the votes of the remaining cardinals based on the percentage of the total college influence that they hold. In subsequent rounds, those candidates with the least CARDINALS will be eliminated one by one and their cardinals distributed until a new Papal Controller emerges.

Western Schism

The Western Schism will occur around 1370, all nations will choose between following the Pope in Avignon and the Pope in Rome. Catholics supporting Avignon will be designated as a second catholic religion, utilizing a separate Papacy interface and suffering the Heretic opinion modifier between themselves and anyone supporting the rival Pope. All nations will also receive a Casus Belli on their neighbors who support the rival Pope.

During the Schism, nations supporting Avignon will have their influence gain adjusted by their relations with Avignon instead of the Papal State. Anyone controlling a cardinal(s) in the Curia when the Schism happens who chooses to support Avignon will automatically have those cardinals join the rival Curia.

The Western Schism can be ended in one of the following ways:

  • Time:
    • Once the schism has persisted for more than 35 years, there is an exponentially increasing chance that it will end in the Council of Constance. There are no rewards for a schism that ends this way.
  • Military Force:
    • If a nation which supports the rival claimant occupies Rome or Avignon, the schism will be ended by force. The nation so enforcing will receive an extra Cardinal Seat (permanent cardinal) in their nation as a reward.
  • Cardinal Majority:
    • If the number of Cardinals in one Curia is more than four times the number in the rival Curia, that side is considered to have acquired sufficient influence to ensure global recognition for their candidate. All nations supporting the winning side will receive a ten-year boost to papal influence gain.

Regardless of how it was ended, the following will occur at the end of the Schism:

  • Rome and Avignon will reunite with the capital assigned to the winning Pope; if time ended the Schism this defaults to Rome
    • Note that a later Pope will eventually shift his home to Rome regardless provided he still controls it
  • The two Curias will be combined maintaining cardinals that any nation already had in either of them
  • Both Catholic religions will be reunited removing all opinion maluses and CB


When a new crusade is called, every human player will have the opportunity to influence the Pope's decision as to the target of the crusade in their favour. This option is only available if the Pope is AI.

Every 40 years (until 1450AD) the Pope has a decision available to call for a Crusade against one of the following targets provided they are held by a Muslim nation that is not the subject of a Christian nation:

  • Jerusalem
  • Alexandria
  • Tunis
  • Constantinople
  • Antioch
  • Smyrna
  • "Greek Peninsula" ( Morea)
  • Crete
  • Cyprus
  • Rhodes
  • Granada
  • Sevilla
  • Southern Italy (anywhere in the Two Sicilies region)

More may be added in the future.

An event will warn the target country that a crusade is imminent which will give them one year to prepare. Events will then fire inviting the following nations; they can join the crusade, send knights ( manpower), send a donation, or take a prestige hit to stay out of it:

  • England
  • France
  • Castille/Spain
  • Aragon
  • Portugal
  • Teutonic Knights
  • Bohemia
  • Austria
  • Hungary
  • Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (if formed)
  • Venice ( if the crusade is for a Mediterranean island, Greece, or Constantinople)
  • Any other Catholic nation with at least 15 provinces.

In addition, the Knights will receive a warning that the crusade is imminent and they must prepare. They and any nation joining the crusade will receive a CB against the target for the duration of the crusade.

The crusades will not target Muslim nations that are vassals of Christian nations, no subject nation (vassal or lesser-in-union) will be invited to the crusade, and the Knights will be exempt if they are not Christian somehow.

One year later, the initial war breaks out. Any country that opted to join the crusade and anyone who committed to the next crusade through the investiture event chain will declare war on the target. These are individual wars for two reasons:

1. Easier to white peace because with up to twenty nations (when allies are counted) the relative army strengths would be outlandishly against the target. 2. The only logical persons to lead the crusade would be the Knights (who may or may not survive very long) or the Pope. This makes it likely that the AI would white peace when another country was in a position to gain territory without them being able to do anything about it. This way each individual can white peace if they become otherwise distracted or negotiate for their own gains.

The crusade ends when either twenty years has elapsed or the target province is in Christian hands. If another Muslim country conquers the target province, they will become the new focus of the Crusade until time expires or the Christians capture the province.

Twenty years later (forty years from the initial start of the crusade) a new Crusade can be called by the Pope against a new target. Assuming a 1309 start, this gives four rounds of this event chain before the 1450 limit is reached and any/all formal crusades are over.

Virtus Post Solium

Article currently under construction. Mechanic may currently be bugged.