Version 3.9.2

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Release Information

Early Access: 2019-03-29

Release Date: 2019-04-12


General Changes and Fixes

  • Fixed issues with triggers for province coring (specifically primary culture provinces)


  • Fix a number of formable nation decisions; shouldn't be required to core provinces outside culture group anymore (just own with no separatism)
  • Fixed Brandenburg mission for uniting North Germany to exclude new Moravia area
  • Fixed an issue with French missions disappearing on reload


  • Options to choose names for the children of the ruler
  • Functionality for consort Regencies restored (with Dynasties functioning properly)
  • Name-tracking functionality for all characters

Thinking this seems awful light for a release? Read the Dev Diary 2019-03-29 to see what went into the back end of dealing with character names.